More than just barre!

We've created classes that you can mix & match, to ensure a balanced workout.
Select from our barre, spin, & yoga options to find a combination that best suits your needs.


Barreworks Mixed Level Our signature class. This   workout is the perfect balance of muscle sculpting and cardio. Using resistance bands, weighted balls and the barre itself, you’ll work your body from head to pinky toe.
*7am classes are 50-minutes; all other Mixed Level classes 1-hour

bAAArre Arms. Abs. Ass. Designed for maximum sculpting and chiseling, this non-impact workout will engage, stabilize and strengthen your targeted areas and leave you leaner, longer, and stronger.

DripBarre Elevate your heart rate and get your sweat on! High intensity cardio intervals burn maximum calories, boost your metabolism, and melt away fat while keeping your muscles working non-stop.


SPIN Our world class instructors will help you burn calories to the beat of today’s hottest music. All while pedalling on the unparalleled smooth ride of our designer LeMond Revmaster bikes.
Class descriptions vary according to instructor.
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YogaStrength Let’s hit the mat! Building the burn through endurance and power, this class will get your breath going. Feel the signature strength of Barreworks on your yoga mat. Fun & explosive meets calm & precise.

YogaFlow A flow class incorporating asanas or postures that are connected through the breath. Classes build heat, endurance, flexibility, and strength. The focus will be on alignment, stability, and overall body conditioning.


Stretch 'n Roll Release your strength and destress! Reap the benefits of stretching and self-myofascial release. Using The GRID foam rollers and your own bodyweight, massage hard to reach muscle areas. This class will increase flexibility and make your workouts more effective and efficient while speeding recovery and preventing injury.

*Bare legs not recommended - we suggest wearing crops or leggings!


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Personal Training

Barreworks offers one-on-one opportunities to take your fitness to the next level. To view rates and book online, click here. For further information on personal training email Mayumi: