Barre Certified by Barreworks: Testimonials

The Barreworks training system can empower and transform your body.
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Nathania Harrison  Founder,  well&tight

Nathania Harrison
Founder, well&tight

"I took the certification program so I could bring barre to my personal wellness community, in the west end of Toronto. [I] focus on providing men and women with the tools they need to nourish their bodies and train smart for optimal health.

Barre is part of our training together and the community loves it!

I have benefited from the [Barre Certified by Barreworks] program tremendously and it has brought a lot of value to my well&tight members."

Christine Sharpe  Barre Instructor

Christine Sharpe
Barre Instructor

[I] had such a great time this weekend at the [Barre Certified by Barreworks instructor training program]. The positive vibe of Barreworks continues to amaze me. It's absolutely contagious.

I learned more in three days than I ever imagined I would.

Leni and Paulina were tremendous instructors. 

Abby Robson  Barre Instructor

Abby Robson
Barre Instructor

"Barreworks has put a lot of thought, knowledge and experience into developing [Barre Certified by Barreworks]. It covered a lot of information and gave me a greater insight into preparing a workout that is safe for the body - not to mention fun! 

It was more than learning about putting together a Barre workout. [The instructors] guided [participants] through how to voice a class, [with] projection and clear direction, how to exercise the body in the right order, [and] choosing music [at the appropriate tempo].  [All] this gave me the confidence to implement new techniques.

I didn’t just learn "how" to teach and put together a sound fitness/Barre class but more importantly "why". [The instructors] provided fantastic individual feedback during the course and [following] assessments, which was [a] huge benefit. I am now an instructor for Barreworks and am absolutely loving my new fitness journey."

Carly Orava, MScPT, BA  Registered Physiotherapist

Carly Orava, MScPT, BA
Registered Physiotherapist

“As a former National level athlete, I am always looking for new, fun, and kick-butt workouts that will help maintain my health and fitness. Barreworks...changed not only my life, but the life of the clients I work with as a Physiotherapist, too. I say this because I am always looking for a safe, effective, and fun workout for my clients to participate in as part of their rehabilitation program and to integrate them back into a fitness routine. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and caring. They provide numerous variations and modifications, which make it a safe environment for individuals of all ages, fitness levels, and injury types. In addition, the variety of classes and exercises performed in each class are extremely effective and well balanced, as they target every muscle group in the body. Lastly, there is no denying that the classes are incredibly fun! 

I have seen various clients of mine suffer from injuries associated with poor posture and biomechanics of the lower extremities. Within a few weeks of participating in the Barreworks exercise system, I have seen dramatic improvements in both their posture and global biomechanics. Ultimately, these changes are alleviating numerous conditions such as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Rotator Cuff injuries, neck and back pain, Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome, and Plantar Fasciitis, just to name a few. Also, aside from the physical benefits, clients have reported improvements in their energy levels and general mental health.”

Stephanie  Studio Owner & Barre Instructor

Studio Owner
& Barre Instructor

"Not only did the Mixed Level and bAAAre classes I attended rock my world, but the studio and the staff were phenomenal!!

I really enjoyed the in-studio training. ...I had attended a one day course at another barre studio which I was not satisfied with. After 3 days with Leni and Lina, I feel more energized about what I can bring back to [my] classes. I really wish I would have found this training first, as it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. With my CrossFit and weightlifting background , I loved the focus on the functional movement approach to the Barreworks method.

After my injury last summer, I had to accept that I may never lift heavy weights again – when you lose what you define yourself with, it can be very difficult emotionally. Barre and Yoga have been a lifesaver over the last 6 months!! The knowledge and experience that Lina and Leni were able to share with us was very valuable and inspiring. They were both very positive with feedback, and genuinely interested in our success. The practical way in which the course material was taught was perfect, applying the knowledge in the course and getting the feedback is a great way to learn."

Dr. Chris Oswald  President,  Centre for Fitness, Health & Performance ; CEO of  Musclecare

Dr. Chris Oswald
President, Centre for Fitness, Health & Performance; CEO of Musclecare

 “In my 26 years of experience as a Doctor and exercise enthusiast, I have never seen any exercise class or program like Barreworks. The Barreworks team has finally built a system that is the perfect blend of cardiovascular, strength,  core,  flexibility, intensity,  agility and balance. 

In every workout, the entire body is specifically targeted to enhance the biomechanics of the kinetic chain from top to bottom. The exercises are current and follow scientific principles that maximize the exercise and significantly minimize the risk of injury

I refer even the most challenging patients to Barreworks that simply couldn’t stabilize in the spine and continued to have chronic recurrent upper back, lower back and neck tension and we have seen excellent results. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my wife’s mid-back and neck pain... as well as her overall wellbeing... I too have made Barreworks part of my regular weekly exercise routine and feel stronger and more age 50. 

I strongly endorse this program.”

Stephanie Boggier  Studio Owner Pure Motion Barre

Stephanie Boggier
Studio Owner
Pure Motion Barre

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the [Barreworks] functional approach. It makes complete sense and I am surprised that I have not come across a similar approach in all my studies. I would say that out of all the methods I have trained in, I see (and feel) how it brings the body closer to its natural state of movement over other methods.”

Becky Tyler  2015 Synchronized Figure Skating World Champion

Becky Tyler
2015 Synchronized Figure Skating World Champion

"This course was an amazing addition and complement to my kinesiology degree. I feel that I have extended my prior knowledge and understanding of functional movement and how to create a balanced mind + body. The instructors were very motivational and inspiring!"

Celestine Eagle  Dance Performance Professor and Coordinator

Celestine Eagle
Dance Performance Professor and Coordinator

"As a dance teacher I am always looking for new ways to deliver my classes and to keep the warm up section innovative, creative and interesting with a lot of variety. The Barreworks certification course has really given me new tools and skills to work with and to think about when using their exercises in a dance class. I found the course interesting, informative and very hands on, which I loved. The trainers were very professional, knowledgeable and approachable which made the learning environment very welcoming. I think one of the approaches I loved the most was that all of their exercise are based on everyday functional movement and therefore is beneficial to everyone in their everyday activities and general way of life. I would highly recommend the Barre Certified by Barreworks course."

Steff Sullivan  Registered Nurse and Wellness Blogger (@fitnursepreneur)

Steff Sullivan
Registered Nurse and Wellness Blogger (@fitnursepreneur)

“I loved learning "why" we do what we do at Barreworks and how it translates to life! I found the 3-day course to be engaging and informative - it was a really fun weekend with very knowledgeable instructors. I became more confident in my abilities to teach barre.”

Catherine Henry  Digital Marketing Manager and Founder of Cultivate & Care: a fitness program to empower moms.

Catherine Henry
Digital Marketing Manager and Founder of Cultivate & Care: a fitness program to empower moms.

“Barre Certified by Barreworks is a very thoughtful and thorough course. It is a great program for anyone interested in deepening their fitness practice, especially when it comes to learning dynamics, theories and methods to create safe and effective workouts!"

Drea Wheeler  Luxury Fitness Consultant / Trainer

Drea Wheeler
Luxury Fitness Consultant / Trainer

“Barrework’s amazing certification program has truly changed the way I approach training my clients. I have never had such a hands on comprehensive teaching style that enables me to really advance as a trainer. I highly recommend this certification for all levels and believe you will walk out of it more knowledgable and confident as a trainer.”