Elevate your cueing and sequencing skills with our Barre Certified Continuing Education Course!

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Barre Certified CEC: Cueing & Sequencing

The Barre Certified Continuing Education Course: Cueing & Sequencing, was created to help you to elevate your cueing and sequencing skills using the Barreworks Cueing Methodology.


Designed to support the learnings from the Barre Certified by Barreworks Course, this 4-hour, in-studio workshop will focus on fine-tuning your cueing skills, diving deeper into the Barreworks Cueing Methodology.

Using our functional approach, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to create balanced and progressive sequences through practical labs and hands-on demonstrations.

  • Discover new, key exercises to further develop your ability to instruct and sequence movements.

  • Learn how to build more advanced and engaging structure within your classes.

  • Become a leader in effective cueing and sequencing that flows seamlessly!


When: November 23rd, 2019         
Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Where: Barreworks Queen St.
With Master Trainer: Jojo

COST: $225 + HST

This course takes 4 hours to complete and is open to anyone with a background in fitness, movement or dance.

Email carman@barreworks.ca if you have general questions.

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