Why I Love Teaching Barre

Our world-class Teacher Training Program launched in 2015, and is the most comprehensive program of its kind. Spend an immersive weekend in our flagship studio location, receiving top-level instruction from our team of Master Trainers. 

We asked a couple of our AH-MAZING Master Trainers why they are passionate about teaching barre!

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"I am passionate about teaching barre because I love knowing I am helping people mold a healthier happier version of themselves. The work we do in studio is helping them create muscular balance and improving their quality of life. The sweat people earn inside the studio is going to make their life outside of the barre easier, and more efficient, all while building a leaner, longer and stronger physique."- Tricia Tomiczek

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"I love the feeling of teaching and sharing my passion for movement with others. Seeing my clients develop and progress in each class is extremely rewarding. It is a time for them to leave everything at the door, to challenge their body and leave feeling refreshed and renewed. I fell in love with the Barreworks Methodology's ability to improve posture, flexibility, muscle tone, mobility, and strength all while having an awesome time. Teaching this to others is one of the best thing Barreworks has chosen to do!" - Joanna Eisen

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the (Barreworks) functional approach. It makes complete sense and I am surprised that I have not come across a similar approach in all my studies. I would say that out of all the methods I have trained in, I see (and feel) how it brings the body closer to its natural state of movement over other methods.
— Stephanie Boggier, Owner of Pure Motion Barre



Spring: May 25th - 27th
Summer: July 13th - 15th

Barreworks is a leader in barre fitness methodology and now you can be a part of it, too!  Join the growing group of instructors who are Barre Certified by Barreworks, and empower yourself with the knowledge to build your own barre fitness program that is safe, effective and fun! Your clients will love the flow and challenge of adding a barre based workout to your repertoire. They will see their bodies get leaner and stronger, and gain more energy and self-confidence.

You will learn: 

  • Functional movement
  • The Barreworks methodology
  • How to create an effective barre class
  • Effective cueing, correcting, and use of language
  • PLUS you'll gain professional recognition and distinguish yourself from the competition!