Top 5 Myths About Barre - BUSTED!

It’s the beginning of a bright and exciting new year, which means that
NOW is the time to try something totally different!

You may have come across studios in the city that offered barre classes, which may have led you to Google-search, “what is barre?”, and you may have instantly thought, “NEVVVER!!”.
But it’s 2017, and it’s time to put an end to the
Top 5 Myths About Barre!

We promise you that it’s really not intimidating, impossible or unsuitable for you – and we proudly believe that after your first class, you’ll be laughing to yourself for all the times
you’ve avoided trying it in the first place!

Tutu Plank

Myth #1: You have to be a ballerina

Well, of course you could be a ballerina, but the majority of our clients have no previous dance experience! Dance has inspired us to strategically design a safe, accessible and effective technique that is suitable for anybody looking to sweat it out in the studio alongside a group of motivated individuals. We wanted to incorporate our favourite aspects of ballet training into our classes, ensuring that every client – from beginner to advanced – can follow along and still be challenged each time. (And just in case you were worried, tights and leotards are not mandatory and we are not standing on our tippy toes – phew!)

Myth #2: Everyone who does barre is already fit

Our studio welcomes and embraces individuals of all shapes and sizes. You will see yourself surrounded by a beautiful, diverse group of like-minded clients – everybody is there to have fun, work hard and achieve their personal goals! You don’t need to be extremely flexible, super toned or look like you could be on the cover of Women’s Health in order to try barre. Our instructors work hard to help each individual conquer class, no matter where you stand. As the saying goes, you don’t have to be fit to start – but you have to start, to be fit. It is never too late or too soon to start with us, and our Barreworks community is here for you, every step of the way.

Myth #3: You have to be in your 20’s

We love seeing proof that age is just a number! Our technique was carefully crafted in such way that it is safe for ages 14+, and our instructors are loaded with multiple options for our exercise sequences to best suit you. There is no such thing as an ideal age or body-type for barre – we are here to empower and support you - no matter your age, experience or ability - so you don’t ever have to worry about feeling like you’re unable to do anything. We have clients ranging from their teens to 65+ and every single individual shines in our classes! Bonus: we offer student and senior discounts. Click here to learn more!

Myth #4: There’s 0 cardio

Our signature Barreworks Mixed Level class offers two cardio components within your hour-workout, and DripBarre is an hour of structured cardio intervals! (Hence the name, ‘cause we gon’ SWEAT!) Beyond our barre classes, we also offer SPIN – and as expected, we guarantee that your heart rate will get going! We promise you that you will get an amazing workout, no matter which class you choose. And as long as you’re breathing… your heart will get beating!

Myth #5: It’s easy

One of the most common phrases we hear from new clients is that they were sweating more than they expected! The body is naturally full of imbalances, due to our everyday lifestyles – and everybody has their specific strengths and weaknesses. Our classes target some of the most uncommon muscle groups that most people often forget about, particularly your smaller, stabilizer muscles. There are also challenges like balance, working on a single supporting leg at a time and multi-tasking such as working two or more body parts at once! You will definitely find your own set of challenges – but don’t be afraid, because we’ve all got our individual things to work on, and the Barreworks team is here to help you achieve them!

Hopefully, we’ve crushed some of the most common barre myths that might have prevented you from giving it a try. Besides, the scariest part about doing anything for the first time is deciding and committing to your start – so once you’ve gotten past that, we believe that the rest is totally doable! You have nothing to lose by trying, and you’ll walk out feeling super confident and ready to conquer the rest of 2017 with the same kind of mentality. And… you might also be really sore for the next few days, but hey – we've got a class for that too

See you at the barre,

Carman C.
Team Barreworks