Meet Ian Jarvie - the latest addition to our SPIN roster!

You may have seen Ian Jarvie around the studio, subbing in for one our SPIN instructors. We are thrilled to announce he has officially joined our roster of SPIN instructors with a regular SPIN+abs class Wednesday nights at 6pm!

Did you know Ian has been road cycling for over thirty years? He completed his initial training at the YMCA, and recently reignited his passion for indoor cycling and became certified by CORE – an advanced studio in Etobicoke, ON. His indoor cycling sessions are based on proven high-intensity interval training protocols and paired with an eclectic mix of motivating music. Ian is known to draw on his personality to deliver intelligent efforts that are measurable and attainable. He works hard to ensure that his classes are appropriate for all participants, regardless of their fitness level, and utilize proper and safe cycling techniques. He loves sharing what he knows and loves about exercise, and says he is looking forward to working in our beautiful studios! 

You can also follow him on Instagram [@healthychango] and check out his website.