Teacher Feature: Shelley-Anne Castro

If you've already taken class with this powerhouse beauty, you know that while she'll definitely get you laughing, she also means business! We are so thrilled to have Shelley-Anne as one of the NEWEST instructors to join the Barreworks family. Her infectious humour and positive attitude keeps us coming back for more. Get to know Shelley-Anne & try one of her classes today!

Top Faves Pop Quiz!

  1. Pre-Work Out Food: An Orange. Gives me a boost…natural sugar and I love the taste!
  2. Apres-Work Out Food: Water, Water, Water…Not a food, but all I ever want!
  3. Fave Dessert: Ice Cream…and if it’s coconut based…Two scoops!
  4. Fave Workout Gear: lululemon! I have Pants from 2004 that still look brand new and feel great!!!
  5. 3 Fave Ways to SWEAT: Barreworks (of course!), Hot Yoga, and DANCING!!!
  6. Fave Restaurants in Toronto: Archive!! 
  7. Next Travel Destination: Spain! I will probably retire there and become a Flamenco Dancer. Love the lifestyle, the people, and the food!
  8. Fave Way to Relax: HGTV and a blanket!
  9. Fave Song Right Now on Your Current Playlist? Anything Bruno Mars… He just makes you feel good!
  10. Currently Netflix Binge-Watching: AHHH… Don’t Know. Just got Netflix! 

What made you decided you wanted to become a Barreworks instructor & what made you fall in love with the Barreworks method? In 2013 I came to a Barreworks class and LOVED it! Came with a friend, and we couldn’t stop talking about it for a week! So we bought the two week pass. I then went back to work on cruise ships out of Miami, but every time I came home, I would take classes. I always knew that I wouldn’t work on cruise ships forever, and so I thought, “When I finally decide to settle at home in Toronto, I’m going to be a Barreworks instructor.” Now, here we are.

What do you love most about teaching? I love teaching because I love people. Everyone learns in different ways and it’s always a challenge to me to see how they respond to my method. I’m also inspired by people so I feel lucky that they want to spend an hour with me!

What keeps you motivated/feeling positive on days when your body feels tired/your energy is low? I always focus on how good I'm going to feel after class. I will 100% drag myself kicking and screaming, but I always feel better once I've shifted my energy into something positive. Sure, my body hurts…but I know after a good stretch I'll feel better. So the feeling after is what I focus on, and it motivates me to get the job done!

How do you want your clients to feel when they leave your classes? How do you help them achieve that? I want my clients to walk away feeling refreshed. If they walk out feeling better than they did the hour before, I’m happy! Positive energy is infectious…I hope my clients walk away with a smile on their face and at some point in the class, had a good laugh or two! A good laugh cures anything in my opinion!

What would you say is your greatest strength as an instructor/how will this positively impact your clients? I think one of my greatest strengths as an instructor is my ability to connect with people. I like to invest myself in people and help them be the best version of themselves. Even on the surface level, having the smallest connection with someone lets them know you care in some way.

What were your favourite moments/elements of the Barre Certification training & why? I love learning and Barre Certification training not only expanded my knowledge of the human body, but made me think twice about how I was currently using my body everyday. I think about what muscles are being used when taking my groceries out of my car and how many people taking class do the same thing...what exercise targeted those muscles?! And just how my everyday actions are also benefiting from the work I put in when I take barre class. I love discovering the “ah-ha!” moments when I least expect them.

What would you say to people trying Barreworks for the first time?
See you at the next class!!!