Teacher Feature: Rachel F.

Rachel impressed the Barreworks team with her warm energy and passion for fitness. She has been actively involved in the fitness community for years, teaching group fitness classes while completing her undergrad. She holds a Bachelor of Kineseology from the University of Toronto, and her wealth of knowledge is present in her instruction. 

Photography by: Bo Lam

"I want clients to leave [my class] feeling confident & surprised at what their bodies are capable of accomplishing."


  • Pre-workout Food? Date Almond Smoothie from Fresh! I am all about their sweet smoothie flavours!
  • Workout Gear? #TeamNike…the more patterned and coloured the tights are, the better! You will never find me wearing black tights!
  • Toronto Hangout? Rogers Centre. I am a huge Blue Jays fan! If I ever have a night off from teaching, you can usually find me at the game trying to catch my first fly ball or heckling the umpires.
  • Ice Cream Joint? Dutch Dreams! They have gigantic milkshakes! Sweet Jesus is definitely on the list of spots to try!
  • Song on Your Current Playlist? Anything hip hop! I am always dancing down the street with my headphones in haha…trying to work on my swag.
  • Way to Relax? I love to curl up with a book or escape to my cottage to find peace and quiet out of the city.
  • Body Part? My bum/legs HAHA Yes, I strength train, but it is totally a genetics thing. I got it from my momma ;)

Why did you want to be an instructor at Barreworks? I took my first Barreworks class in 2012 and immediately fell in love.
I was already a fitness instructor at the time and told myself that I would love to work with such a wonderful team. When the opportunity came up, I couldn’t pass it by. I love the positive, yet challenging, atmosphere the Barreworks team has created.

How did you feel when you took your first Barreworks class? Being a former dancer, I was excited to try a new fitness class that had some dance movement involved. What I loved most is that you didn’t have to be a dancer to take the class, which meant my friends were going to love it just as much as I did!

What excites you most about fitness? I love the people that I get to create relationships with! I am surrounded by likeminded people who care about creating healthy lifestyles for themselves. Being able to be in a position to give back to others and help clients to achieve their fitness goals makes instructing not feel like a job. I am able to learn just as much or more from my clients as they do from me each time we get to experience a class or training session together. Seeing clients grow and gain confidence is very rewarding.

How do you want your clients to feel when they leave your class? I want clients to leave feeling confident and surprised at what their bodies are capable of accomplishing. My goal is to create an environment where we push ourselves past what we believe we are capable of to achieve greatness. I always try to have my clients leave my class learning something new about themselves. Maybe they held a plank longer today, or went for the more challenging option-whatever it is, they grow stronger and learn new things about what their bodies can do.

What would you say is your greatest strength as an instructor and how will that positively impact your clients? I feel that I am an approachable instructor that allows clients to feel confident in my knowledge and abilities to allow they to reach their goals each class. I ensure clients move safely through each movement and learn how to challenge themselves to become stronger. When we have trust in our instructor, we are more confident to try new things and be challenged to reach our goals.