Teacher Feature: Kelly Shaw

If you've taken a class with her, you know her energy, enthusiasm and sense of humour is infectious. PLUS you'll dig her awesome playlists! With a strong dance background and a passion for moving her body, we are so excited to add Kelly to our team of instructors. Get to know Kelly, and sign up for one of her classes today!


Top Faves Pop Quiz!

  1. Pre-Workout Food: Omelette with tons of veggies! OR steel cut oats with Greek yogurt and berries.

  2. Apres-Work Out Food: Fermented protein bar (which Barreworks now sells and I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT!) 

  3. Fave Dessert:EVERYTHING (esp. cheesecake & chocolate) 

  4. Fave Workout Gear: lululemon

  5. 3 Favourite Ways to SWEAT: Dance, Barre, Run

  6. Fave Restaurants in Toronto: Planta or Kupfert and Kim 

  7. Fave Restaurants in Toronto: Almond Butterfly, Lola’s Kitchen & Harvest Kitchen
  8. Next Travel Destination: I would love to go to Bali!
  9. Fave Way to Relax: Sleeping...but if I'm awake - reading, writing, being on the beach! 
  10. Currently Netflix Binge-Watching: Orange is the New Black and How to Get Away with Murder.
  11. IG Account: @k22shaw

What made you decided you wanted to become a Barreworks instructor & what made you fall in love with the Barreworks Method? 
I fell in love with the Barreworks community years ago when many of my colleagues began teaching, and always knew when the time was right I would become a part of the team! The environment is supportive, unconditional and representative of all my core values. Being a dancer, I have always enjoyed the style of barre fitness, as it is so suitable for cross training as a dancer. As someone who has also suffered from some very scary injuries, I appreciate Barreworks' attention to injury prevention and strongly believe it is made for ANYONE and EVERYONE. 

What do you love most about teaching? 
Sharing my passion for movement and fitness to help improve people' overall quality of life. Endorphins are contagious and energy creates energy. I love feeling as though I have helped to be a source of someones "good vibes" for the day.


What keeps you motivated/feeling positive on days when your body feels tired/your energy is low? 
I know that moving my body ALWAYS makes me feel better, it helps pump those endorphins through my body and as badly as I may be feeling - mentally or physically, whenever I remember how good I COULD feel, it inspires me to push through any sort of funk! 

How do you want your clients to feel when they leave your classes? How do you help them achieve that?
I hope that my clients can connect to their inner strength and realize their own potential in classes! I hope they feel empowered to push themselves and be inspired by the good feelings that taking a class will promote for the rest of the day :)

What would you say is your greatest strength as an instructor/how will this positively impact your clients?
I feel as though I have a love affair with movement that is contagious! I have worked to acquire a range of knowledge so that I can fully support, educate and motivate everyone in my the class.

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How do you want clients to feel when they leave your class?
I want my clients to feel connected to their inner fighter! I want them to be inspired and motivated to continue to live an active lifestyle and feel the positive after affects. I hope to encourage self-love, self-care and balance.

What were your favourite moments/elements of the Barre Certification training & why?
I love and continue to love the relationships I created with the other trainees and trainers. It was such a supportive environment; like minded people sharing the things we are passionate about. I loved gaining more knowledge and being unconditionally supported :)  

What would you say to people trying Barreworks for the first time?
This is a workout created for ANY body. It will make you sweat, push (as hard as you feel comfortable), smile and help you to feel great in your own skin. It will help sculpt and tone you to create a strong and healthy body to live in. It's also really FUN!