Spring Has Sprung: NEW Spring Schedule!

Our refreshed Spring Schedule launches on Tuesday, April 18th, just after the Long Weekend, 
& there's some great reasons to get excited about it!

Introducing our NEW INSTRUCTORS! Keep an eye out for Carman, Britanny, Amy, & Katelyn as they take on their own classes. We're so proud of them for completing their training with flying colours & can't wait for you to meet them all. Stay tuned for Teacher Feature blog posts coming soon! 

An extra DRIPBARRE at Yonge Street! We heard you guys like to sweat up there, so Kathia will be bringing the cardio party uptown. For more reasons on why you'll be completely smitten with this fun class, check out this blog post!

New 50-MINUTE 7AM classes! Why did we shorten our early morning Mixed Level classes? By condensing our classes, you'll notice an increase in the class intensity & pacing, plus have a couple more minutes to get ready for your day! The energy you build in class will help you increase your productivity & focus - it's a win-win. PS - we've got some special treats in store for our first week of early classes - giving you some extra motivation to avoid hitting snooze, & hit the barre instead!

See the full breakdown of what's new below & sign-up for class today!


  • NEW 7:00am Tuesday Morning 50-minute Mixed Level with Carman
  • NEW 7:00am Wednesday Morning 50-minute Mixed Level with Joanna
  • NEW 5:15pm Wednesday Night DripBarre with Kathia


  • NEW 7:00am Tuesday Morning 50-minute Mixed Level with Rachel
  • NEW 7:00am Wednesdays 50-minute Mixed Level with Katelyn
  • NEW 7:00am Thursdays 50-minute Mixed Level with Amy