Teacher Feature: Shannon G.

Shannon has been a core component of our SPIN program at Barreworks since day one. She is known for her killer abdominal sequence at the end of Shannon's SPIN [Seriously. It is unreal.] Not to mention, her get-you-through-all-the-hills playlists, welcoming energy, and encouraging spirit! Continue reading to learn more about this stellar #spinstarre and sign-up for class today!

"I really try to create a no-judgement zone so people are as comfortable as possible, which I think helps people push themselves harder."


  • Pre-workout food? Banana & peanut butter - very light & tasty
  • Aprés-workout food? I always have a smoothie after my workout - usually blueberry/banana. Normally, I've worked out so hard, the last thing I want is food!
  • Workout gear? I am a lululemon billboard
  • Toronto activity? Anything sports related - Leafs games, Raps games, Blue Jays games. That is my happy place!
  • Coffee shop? I'm actually a huge fan of Second Cup. I LOVE their London Fog!
  • Song on your current playlist? There are sooo many! I am really enjoying Flume, and Jay-Z - always.
  • Way to relax? Getting a pedicure or a massage - it's the only time I can clear my head.
  •  Travel destination? My dream destination to visit would be The Maldives - just looks so beautiful and peaceful.
  • Barreworks moment? When April [one of our desk staff] told me that she wanted to get her Spin Certification and that I was her inspiration.
  • Netflix/TV show? I'm ashamed to say anything Real Housewives!

    How did you feel when you started taking spin classes? Honestly - I hated my first spin class. And the second. And the third... lol. It wasn't until I found an instructor I enjoyed, who played great music, that I continued to go back - and then I just loved it. It was hard, but it didn't feel like work.

    What would you suggest to new clients who may be feeling a little nervous? I always tell new participants to try spin at least three times, and try to go to a different instructor each time, to see the various styles [available]. I tell them not to get discouraged, to try to enjoy themselves... and get used to the bike... I also tell them it is 100% their ride and it will be as good as they want it to be!

    Why did you want to teach spin classes? Initially, I became an instructor because I was participating in 2-3 classes a week and thought "I should find a way to make money doing this!" I was a student [at the time], so it made sense. Now, 10-years later, teaching is my favourite part of my week. I love meeting new people, watching people push theirselves and feel so gratified after... In a world of stress, and often negativity, it's very nice to be in a positive, non-judgmental place, for [a couple hours] each week. 

    How do you stay motivated on days your energy is lower than usual? The struggle is real sometimes (as it is for most people!) but if it's in my calendar, than I do it, and that's that. I also remind myself how much better I feel once completing a good workout, and how it's only an hour out of my day. Self-motivation is the best motivation!

    How do you want your clients to feel when they leave your class? SWEATY... lol!!! I want them to feel a sense of pride, to be honest. Proud of themselves for attending the class and making it through, and proud of themselves for working hard and making progress. I also hope they have fun while they're there. 

    What would you says is your greatest strength as an instructor? My greatest strength, I think, is that I am human - I don't preach [about] being perfect or having a 'perfect' ride. I really encourage people to have fun, smile, and just let go of any stress or negativity [during] their workout. I really try to create a no-judgement zone, so people are as comfortable as possible, which I think helps [them] push harder.