Teacher Feature: Robyn

Have you taken class with Robyn yet? A native of St. John's Newfoundland, Robyn is passionate about the human body, finding balance and implementing healthy practices. We know you’ll love hitting the barre in her class! Keep reading to learn more about this #barrestarre.

Top Faves Pop Quiz!

  1. Pre-workout food? Fruit smoothie (my fave is blueberry oat)

  2. Aprés-workout food? Eggs with bread and a veggie or two

  3. Dessert? Chocolate chip cookie dough

  4. 3 favourite ways to sweat? Yoga, Barrework’s Mixed Level class, dancing (preferably to live music!)

  5. Restaurant in Toronto? Aunties and Uncles

  6. Travel destination? Nashville

  7. Fave way to relax? Music: playing, singing or listening to it

  8. Fave song on your current playlist? Resilient by Rising Appalachia

  9. Netflix/TV show? Friends

Robyn’s classes:
Mixed Level on Wednesdays @ 7am | bAAArre on Saturdays at 11:45am

What made you decide you wanted to teach at Barreworks? After my second class at Barreworks, I applied for the scholarship and Certified by Barreworks Teacher Training program. I was incredibly pleased with the class structure: from the balance of proper stress on the muscles, to recovery periods and ongoing positivity and motivation from the instructors!

What do you love most about teaching? I love building confidence and trust with my clients.

What keeps you motivated/feeling positive on days when your body feels tired and your energy is low? Talking to a friend who I love and can motivate me, or doing something good for myself (i.e. bubble bath or some dark chocolate).

How do you want your students to feel when they leave your classes? How do you help them achieve that? I want my clients to leave my class feeling a little taller and super motivated. I help them achieve that by sharing barre related facts & knowledge that I’ve recently discovered or revisited. I also keep my playlists fresh & exciting. :)

What would you say is your greatest strength as an instructor/how will this positively impact your students? I have a great ability to equally take notice and care of everyone who shows up for class. I'm also known to crack a smile or laugh once in awhile. ;)

What were your favourite moments of the Barre Certified by Barreworks program? I loved learning why and how the Barreworks method is an important base to build my own exercises from. I also really enjoyed learning from Master Trainer, Kathia, who went above and beyond to help me feel confident and ready to lead my own class.

What would you say to people trying Barreworks for the first time? Just keep moving!    


Instagram: @robanewfie
Photos by: Blythe Sheppard