Barreworks Referral Rewards Points!

Did you know when you bring a new friend to Barreworks,

you get 1050 Rewards Points?! 

What does this mean & how does it work?

  • Simply make sure your friend writes YOUR name on THEIR waiver, when they check in for their first class

  • Each referral is worth 1050 points [$10.50]

  • Once you hit a minimum of 2100 points [aka 2 friends!], you can cash them in or keep saving up for a bigger discount!

Points may be redeemed for any Barreworks purchase including merchandise or class packages.

See desk staff for full details & start stacking up your points today!

See you at the barre,
XO Team Barreworks 

Photo courtesy of:  Sincerely Image , for  Curated Life

Photo courtesy of: Sincerely Image, for Curated Life