Raise the Barre Charity Class - August 2017

Barreworks is proud to support a variety of organizations & charities working hard to create positive change in our community. One of our favourite ways to give back, is through our Raise the Barre Charity Classes. These classes are just $10, with 50% of all proceeds going directly to our charity of the month.

Join us in sweating it out for a good cause!


For August 2017, we've partnered with
One More Wear Foundation

The One More Wear Foundation contributes to improving the lives and opportunities of young men and women by providing accessible clothing for employment and enjoyment. They also offer meaningful job-training seminars and career building workshops for youth.

The One More Wear Foundation strives to build community resilience in the face of today’s trying economic climate. accepts donated clothing for youth and young adults who are struggling with poverty in the Greater Toronto Area. Their fashion consultants assist youth to not only look impressive, but to feel confident so that they can find employment or pursue other social, artistic, and academic goals. 

Floating Fact: While Toronto scores high on many quality of life measures, it remains the “child poverty capital of Canada.” One in four children in Toronto is being raised in poverty, a number that has remained fairly consistent for the past two decades.

Help us support the One More Wear Foundation by attending our Raise the Barre Charity Classes, this August 2017.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017 @ 1:00pm

Queen Street: Sign-up
Yonge Street: Sign-up

See you at the barre!
xo Team Barreworks

*Note: if you take a Raise the Barre charity class as your first class, you are still eligible for our New Client specials – see desk staff for details!