Post-Barre Meals To Enhance Your Workout


By contributor: Jennifer Dawson, Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

It’s easy to think that your workout starts when you get into the studio and ends when you leave it, but if you aren’t watching what you eat on either side of class, you’re not getting all you can out of it! Although post-workout protein is often associated with bodybuilding, it’s an important part of any effective workout routine. You should be getting between 20-40g of protein within an hour of class wrapping up for best results. Just as finding the right pre-workout meal is essential to ensuring you have enough energy for class, the right post-workout choices will ensure that you are getting maximum results from every class you take.

From the Studio Barre to the Omelet Bar

One of the tastiest and simplest ways to bolster the effects of your barre workout is with a protein and veggies. For example, by preparing your favourite omelet with your choice of healthy add-ins, you can get the protein you need in a tasty package. Supplementing the omelet with a side salad allows you to add valuable vitamins to keep you fuelled up and feeling good all day long. 

Wrap It Up!

Making yourself a wrap is another great option for a well-rounded post-barre workout meal, which is as delicious as it is nutritious. Order or prepare a wrap which mixes lean proteins, like grilled chicken or beans, with vegetables for a post-workout bite. If you prefer or require a gluten-free option, replace the wheat tortilla with a corn, rice or lettuce wrap. 

Taking a barre class is a fantastic opportunity to tone up, build strength and get a cardio blast all in one hit.  Choosing the right meals after every class can be the difference between good results and GREAT results. You’ll be happy you changed your post-workout diet when the results start to show!