3 Reasons We're #OBSESSED with DripBarre!

We know – "an hour of cardio" sounds terrifying and the total opposite of fun. But luckily, we’ve got amazing instructors like Tricia, to knock those worries out of the park, and show you why we’re obsessed with our good friend: DripBarre!

Reason #1: BURN those calories!

Our DripBarre class is an hour of High Intensity Interval Training, commonly referred to as HIIT. “HIIT is an efficient & effective way to exercise,” says Tricia. Here, we are training between aerobic and anaerobic intervals – a perfect balance of short bursts of high intensity exercises (anaerobic) with longer periods of active recovery (aerobic). Think of the hour like this: together, we’ll push hard for 30 seconds to our maximum capacity, and then actively recover with sequences that are designed to sculpt, tone and flush out the lactic acid in our muscles. With HIIT, our body’s natural metabolism is boosted and our muscles become more active for the next 24 hours during its recovery period. In other words, not only are we burning calories during the hour, but we are also metabolizing more calories after we’re done!

Reason #2: WERK your Core & Glutes!

You can expect to lose body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass, which can quickly reveal muscle definition. “Our anaerobic exercises target the core and glutes, allowing clients to gain a ton of strength in those areas,” explains Tricia. “Since we are exercising while standing, lunging, jumping and squatting, we are also seriously burning out the hamstrings and quadriceps.” These anaerobic periods challenge our fast-twitch muscles, which eventually translates into more power and energy in the body's movements, while also strengthening our cardiovascular system (our heart is also an important muscle that needs to be exercised, too!). Tricia adds, “HIIT is such a time-efficient way of working these areas!” Tricia also adds that there are hormonal boost benefits such as an increase of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, which keep us happy and alert, even after our workout is finished. 

Reason #3: SWEAT it aaaall out – without watching the clock!

We often hear that DripBarre feels intimidating because it’s an hour of cardio training, but more often than not, every client who walks out of the studio feels happy and proud. “Clients love the mental state they feel after a DripBarre class – they’ve accomplished an intense workout, and the fact that they got through it makes them feel like they are able to accomplish anything,” Tricia shares. “I love seeing everyone getting pushed to their limits and feeling challenged – you always think that you can’t possibly do any more reps, but before then you look over at your friend in class, laugh and think, Oh my God, I can’t believe we just did that!” Music also has a huge influence on getting us through the hour – many instructors explain DripBarre as “an hour-long dance party”, rather than an hour of cardio. Since you're constantly moving throughout class, the hour flies by and clients are always pleasantly surprised by how quickly time passes while having a blast! 

Our DripBarre classes are suitable for anyone at any level of fitness - there are always options available for different levels of impact and intensity to work with - all of which are effective and challenging. There are SO many benefits to including high intensity interval training into your lifestyle, and with DripBarre this is achievable, enjoyable and efficient all at the same time. We promise you'll have so much fun that you won't even notice the time flying by - and having fun while working hard always feels so much more fulfilling! 

See you at the barre, 

XO Carman
Team Barreworks