Teacher Feature: Katelyn

We're so excited for you to meet this sweet ballerina! Katelyn brings tons of dance experience to the table and is sure to have you leaving class feeling leaner, longer, and stronger. Read below to learn more about this #barrestarre - like how the Barreworks technique benefited her dance training, and what she loves most about teaching!

Top Faves Pop Quiz!

  1. Pre-workout food? Fruit & spinach smoothie &/or toast with almond butter
  2. Apré-workout food? Fruit, veggies with hummus, a salad, or a muffin
  3. Workout gear? lululemon
  4. Toronto activity? Going out to see a show, going down to the beach for a walk... being from the Beaches east end, I love going down to the beach and the farmers market weekend for grocery shopping.
  5. Coffee shop? Tori’s Bakeshop - it's not exactly a coffee shop, but I don’t drink a lot of coffee and their gluten free, vegan baked goods are amazing!!
  6. Way to relax? Watching a movie or going for a walk on the boardwalk with my dog.
  7. Travel destination? Do I have to pick just one?! France, BC Gulf Islands - Galiano Island. I love hiking and being out in nature. Galiano, especially, I find to be so quiet and serene. Costa Rica, Greece, Italy - still waiting to go, but I imagine I will love them!
  8. Netflix/TV show? Friends (re-watched regularly), This Is Us, Suits, Parenthood.

What did you love about the Barreworks methodology? Discovering Barreworks as one of my cross fitness training methods, during my dance training, was amazing. The Barreworks method was the perfect mixture to keep me in dancing shape. Having the combination of cardio, strengthening and lengthening components infused in its classes to get a full body workout, while also [maintaining] elements of being in a ballet/dance class made it the perfect fit [for me].

How did you know Barreworks was the right studio for you? I am always drawn to [studios where] I feel the instructors are very knowledgeable and create an exciting and fun class, but... also have an overall positive and welcoming environment... From [the] first day I started taking classes, to [today], as I have come to get to know [everyone who] works here, I have felt nothing but welcomed and excited to be a part of this very kind [and] inspiring place, surrounded by all the amazing people who work here.

What resonates with you most about the role of an instructor? I love teaching! I love taking all I have learned and sharing my knowledge with others. Watching clients improve and accomplish their goals is why I love teaching. The idea that I could be a part of be bringing a little bit of joy, confidence, and acknowledgment of appreciation for one’s body and all the amazing things it is capable of fills me with such excitement and inspiration. This feeling pushes me to continue to try and search for new ways to help my clients find happiness through their own healthy lifestyle journey.

What gets you up and out of bed, ready to workout, on those tough mornings? Listening to music is the way I energize, even on days my body is sore and I cannot seem to get motivated. The right song can change my mood and get me excited to get up and start my day! ...it also helps if remind myself how much better I know I will feel after a class. It pushes me knowing how mentally and physically energized, strong and healthy I will feel. 

How do you want your clients to feel after taking class with you? I want my clients walking away from my class feeling energized even if physically a little sore – still with that feeling of accomplishment that they got the most out of their class. I want them to feel their muscles have been worked, but not strained in any way. I want [them] to feel challenged and confident. 

Describe what you feel is your greatest strength as an instructor. I am a very positive instructor and try to uplift everyone in the class, [making] sure they feel comfortable and [enjoy] themselves. As much as I want people to challenge and push theirselves to achieve their goals, I want it to come from the approach of listening to their body first, watching for proper alignment and positioning to avoid injury. As I have experienced injuries throughout my dance training, I approach both my teaching and personal exercise with the upmost importance on doing things the right way. I have a patient, caring and understanding approach to clients' challenges and questions, something I feel is very important.

Do you have a favourite Barreworks memory or moment? I do not have one specific moment so much as an overall experience with the kind and welcoming environment that I continue to feel within the Barreworks community. The passionate instructors at Barreworks make a point of truly getting to know each and every one of their clients and exude inspiration and positive motivation in all of their classes. I feel they bring out the best in me and push me to achieve my goals and strive for new ones. It is this atmosphere of a close-knit family between staff, and the instructor- client relationships which reinforced my decision to become an instructor at Barreworks.

How did you find your experience with the Barre Certified by Barreworks program? Learning from such incredibly knowledgeable and passionate instructors has truly made this program so educational and given me such a great stepping off point for the foundations of fitness instruction. Sharing this experience with the other trainees and observing and learning from their instructing approaches has really helped me to see the many different approaches to teaching. Taking classes, doing instructional teach backs, and doing the exercises with a deeper anatomical and injury awareness understanding has really helped me to explore how best to help each individual client and their specific needs. I have really loved learning all about the anatomy and especially the pelvic floor and deep abdominals and being able to do exercises to then feel that engagement and how to properly [activate] those muscles and what it should feel like. I felt having this deeper anatomical understanding before getting into the syllabus helped me in knowing how to better explain to clients what muscles should be engaging and what to look for to cue proper alignment.