Jenn & La Ruta de Los Conquistadores 2016

We're bursting with pride for our fierce and fantastic SPIN instructor, Jenn!

As if you needed another reason to be inspired by this powerhouse of a human, she recently completed the adventure race: La Ruta de Los Conquistadores. The NY Times wrote a breathtaking, compelling article on the race, dubbing it the "toughest mountain bike race in the world... a three-day race across Costa Rica, [pitting] participants against steep climbs, muddy trails and waterways that may or may not contain crocodiles." PHEW! You can check out the full article, here.

You may not be surprised to learn that although Jenn agrees La Ruta is tough, she argues that it may not be "the toughest", referencing the Mongolia Bike Challenge as the most challenging race she's completed. That being said, she did more "hike-a-bike" than she ever has - carrying or pushing her bike for hours, through the wild jungle, or (literally) up a muddy mountainside... which sounds pretty tough to us! 

Out of the 365 racers, there were only 28 female riders. Out of all those superstars, Jenn placed 10th overall, 4th in her age group!

Can we get some high fives?! La Ruta was Jenn's 4th major international stage race. She completed the Tour d'Afrique in 2010, which was 12,000km from Cairo to Cape Town; the Mongolia Bike Challenge in 2012, 1,300km across Mongolia; the Joberg2C in 2014, 900km across South Africa; 2016's La Ruta de Los Conquistadores, 250km from the Pacific to the Caribbean coast in Costa Rica. She also raced in Vermont in 2015, and regularly races in Ontario as well. 

Congratulations, Jenn, on such a formidable achievement! We can't wait to see where you and your bike go next! 

XO Team Barreworks

PS Want a taste of the adrenaline rush described above? Sign-up for Jenn's SPIN Class: Get motivated in a room full of peers, stay focused, build aerobic fitness, and go hard - then go harder! Her program focuses on resistance and interval training, building endurance and power through a series of drills: fast pedalling, tempo, steady state, climbing and pyramid intervals. Expect to spin for 55-mins, cool down for 5-mins, and get strong, fit and FAST! Who knows? Maybe one day you'll tackle an adventure race of your own!