NEW Monthly Theme Classes!

Due to popular demand, we’re bringing you some of our signature classes with a TWIST this month!

Dance Mix 1990's

It's a Much Music Mix blast from the past featuring Aqua, Vitamin C & more...and you're invited! Designed for maximum sculpting and chiselling, work your arms, abs & ass in this non-impact workout to engage, stabilize and strengthen your targeted areas. You're guaranteed to experience the #barreburn, all while jamming out to your fave 90's pop hits.

QUEEN w/ Abby
Sunday, Jan. 19th @ 10:30am - SIGN UP
Saturday, Jan. 26th @ 10:30am - SIGN UP

YONGE w/ Jane-Alison
Fri, Jan. 25th @ 5:00pm - SIGN UP
Fri, Feb. 1st @ 5:00pm - SIGN UP

Triple the Arms

Ready for some serious arm action? We've added a twist to your fave non-impact bAAArre workout, with a focus on toning & sculpting your arms. You'll engage and strengthen your entire body while building the guns of steel you've always dreamed of. Experience the #barreburn, which will leave you feeling leaner, longer, and stronger.

QUEEN w/ Britanny
Tues, Jan. 8th @ 5:45pm - SIGN UP
Tues, Jan. 29th @ 5:45pm - SIGN UP

YONGE w/ Miranda
Wed, Jan. 9th @ 1:30pm - SIGN UP
Wed, Jan. 16th @ 5:00pm - SIGN UP


From Stevie Wonder to Aretha Franklin, throw it back with the BEST of Motown in your fave bAAArre class. Designed for maximum sculpting and chiseling, this non-impact workout will engage, stabilize and strengthen your targeted areas leaving you leaner, longer, and stronger. Show your body some R E S P E C T as you embrace the barreburn.

YONGE w/ Abby

Mon, January 14th @ 8pm - SIGN UP

QUEEN w/ Abby
Tues, January 22nd at 6:30pm - SIGN UP