Raise the Barre Charity Class - February 2017

Barreworks is proud to support a variety of organizations & charities working hard to create positive change in our community. One of our favourite ways to give back, is through our Raise the Barre Charity Classes. These classes are just $10, with 50% of all proceeds going directly to our charity of the month.

Join us in sweating it out for a good cause!

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For February 2017, we’ve partnered with Dancing With Parkinson's Canada – a dance and movement program for adults living with Parkinson’s disease.

How Dancing With Parkinson's raises the barre: they provide a high-quality, positive, safe, artistic and sustainable dance wellness intervention that brings participants out of isolation and into a community where they experience a measure of relief from their debilitating disease.  They provide a supportive setting where people with PD can reclaim their humanity and dignity through the joy of moving their bodies to music.

It is such a joy to witness the freedom of movement the dancers are able to achieve through their weekly practice and we have the utmost respect for their courage to try new things and participate in what can often feel like a daunting task. Check out this feature on the CBC! They were recently featured in light of new research on how dancing can improve movement control.  

To learn more, please visit their website and check out their social platforms: FacebookTwitterInstagram.
You're also welcome to donate online, by clicking here
Help us support Dancing with Parkinson's by attending one of our Raise the Barre Charity Classes, this February 2017!

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Sunday, February 26th @ 1:00pm
Queen Street: Sign-up
Yonge Street: Sign-up

See you at the barre!
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*Note: if you take a Raise the Barre charity class as your first class, you are still eligible for our New Client specials – see desk staff for details!