Teacher Feature: Carman

Carman started at Barreworks as part of our stellar Front Desk team, and blew us away with her ability to take initiative and go above and beyond anything that was asked of her. We were hardly surprised when this go-getter put that same energy and diligent work ethic into her Barre Certification training! Continue reading to learn more about this #barrestarre and sign-up for class with Carman!

Top Faves Pop Quiz!

  1. Pre-workout food? Coffee!! ...probably not the most health-friendly pre-workout food, but this girl needs her caffeine, okay?
  2. Aprés-workout food? A protein bar or fruit / a fruit smoothie :-)
  3. Workout gear? Honestly, I hate tight-fitted clothing (but I'll wear it for class)... I just wanna be comfy!
  4. Toronto activity? EATING! There are so many awesome, cool food places in the city, and I'm always down to try them all out!
  5. Coffee shop? Literally sitting in it right now while answering these questions: De Mello Palheta (it's real close to our Yonge Street location!) Super cozy, cute, and the coffee here is BOMB.
  6. Song on your current playlist? "PYT" by Michael Jackson :-D Love me some MJ!
  7. Way to relax? Binge-watching Grey's Anatomy (I think I've seen it at least 4 times now) or Friends with a glass of wine
  8. Travel Destination? Sadly, I haven't travelled much... but I really wanna check out Japan soon!
  9. Netflix/TV Show? Awks, I kind of gave this one away earlier... GREY'S ANATOMY / FRIENDS!!!!
  10. Instagram Handle? @carmanceee

Why did you want to teach at Barreworks? I loved that the Barreworks method [has] a perfect combination of dance, fitness and FUN! Every class is a killer workout, but you always get through it because of the awesome energy inside the studio. I also love that the instructors are super knowledgable and that safety and proper technique are always emphasized. It inspires me to keep learning, applying, and sharing with others!

What do you love most about being an instructor? SO MANY THINGS... I think the main reason why [I love being an instructor] is because I love to share and exchange knowledge and energy with others. It's also super fun for me to make up exercises or choreography, so that helps. :-)

How do you stay motivated to make it to class on days when you're not feeling like it? I know for a fact that every time I wake up tired, it's just a mental road-block (unless I'm sick or something). Our bodies are SO much more capable than we think they are - so all I gotta do is get my bum up and everything else will follow. I always feel 100x better after, too!

How do you want your clients to feel after they take your class? I want clients to feel really proud of themselves for coming in and killing it - and eager to come back again soon!I think a good balance of challenge + positive motivation is the key to success :-)

What would you say is your greatest strength as an instructor? I believe that the best instructors are also the best students - you have to constantly be open to deepening your knowledge, receiving feedback/criticism, and applying it to your craft with grace. I'm ALWAYS learning new things every single time I teach - there's a bajillion things out there! Hopefully, my passion for learning and strengthening myself (inside and out) can inspire clients to do the same for themselves - inside and outside of Barreworks.

Do you have a favourite Barreworks memory? Well, I actually started working here as part of the front desk staff, so I've seen a lot of amazing things! Definitely the most moving thing is seeing such a genuine connection between instructors, desk staff, and clients - there's a beautiful sense of community here and I think that's so important especially in a fitness studio. When I told a few clients I was going to start teaching, they were so excited for me and would constantly follow-up, asking me how it was going and if I was enjoying it so far. I couldn't have asked for a better place to work!

What were your favourite moments in the Barre Certification training? HAHA so... I get reaaaallly nervous when I get thrown into situations. There was one time I was teaching a sequence for the first time, and out of NOWHERE I just blurted out the count, "5"... it was like mid-sentence, and it had NOTHING to do with what I was trying to say!! So now, whenever any of us stumble on our words and blurt out things that make no sense, someone says, "It's another 5 moment!" and we all laugh.