Teacher Feature: Britanny

Help us welcome Britanny to our Barre Instructor team! This beautiful superstar wow-ed us with her dedication to class, first attending Barreworks as a client and then pursuing her certification. Welcome to the Barreworks family Brittany!

Top Faves Pop Quiz!

  1. Pre-workout food? Banana
  2. Aprés-workout food? Quinoa salad is the best, and maybe a hot drink, green tea or hot chocolate ☺
  3. Workout gear? Anything as long as it’s comfy! GAP active wear, Lululemon.
  4. Toronto activity? Playing games (pool, shuffle board etc.) at The Dock Ellis, or any cozy pub!
  5. Coffee shop? JetFuel
  6. Song on your current playlist? Workout playlist: "Run Boy Run" by Woodkid Chill playlist: "Jonah & the Whale" by Old Man Leudecke
  7. Way to relax? Bubble bath & a glass of wine!
  8. Travel destination? Italy, Greece
  9. Netflix/TV show? Hannibal, Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelor/Bachelorette!!
  10. Instagram Handle? Follow along at @britannylarusic

What made you fall in love with the Barreworks method? How did you know this was where you wanted to be an instructor? I fell in love with the Barreworks method after taking a bunch of classes. I felt like the classes gave me such a full body workout. We did exercises I would normally do, and [enjoy] doing, as well as ones that challenged me in ways I probably wouldn’t have done on my own. I felt stronger and more balanced physically. Coming from a dance teaching background I thought, "I [can] do this!" I [can] continue to feel this way as well as help others feel this way too. Also, add a fun new set of skills to my teaching resume!

What do you love most about teaching and why? I love being in class. Being in the studio is where I am most comfortable. I like being able to educate clients and have them leave feeling like they have learned something or that I have helped them in some way. I like that I am the person who can create that fun and motivating environment for them.

How do you get yourself to class on days when you're just not feeling like it? On days where my body is feeling tired, or my energy is low, I always tell myself the same thing: you WILL feel better after!  I always leave class feeling happier, more productive, accomplished, and in my mind able to relax a bit knowing that I put that time in for myself.  

How do you want your clients to feel when they leave your classes? When my clients leave my class I want them to feel like I do when I leave class - better than when they walked in. I want them to feel motivated and happy. I also want them to feel like they had fun, and worked their butts off. I want to challenge my clients and push them a little further than they would push themselves. I want them to leave satisfied and wanting to come back! I would help them achieve that by creating a balanced class that is challenging but has smooth transitions and good music. Making a personal connection with clients is also really important to me. Who doesn’t want to take class from a friend who is rooting for you?! ☺

What would you say is your greatest strength as an instructor and how will that positively impact your clients? I would say my greatest strength as an instructor is the fact that I genuinely care about my clients. I want them to enjoy class, feel accomplished, and have fun.

Do you have a favourite Barreworks moment? I don’t have one specific moment that stands out to me as a favourite at Barreworks. But I have noticed, in taking class, all the loyal regulars. They clearly love the work-out, the instructor(s), the studio, the results... Something just clicks with them to make them want to keep coming back again and again. I feel like I can relate to them ☺

What were your favourite element of the Barre Certification training? My favourite element of the Barre Certification training was probably all of the functional anatomy. It’s so useful and I feel like I learned a TON. My favourite moments were probably when we started teaching each other. I really value other teachers and their support and encouragement. [B]eing an instructor is a bit isolating when you’re creating your classes or practising. When you share a teaching experience with other educators, it’s really nice. I find you also learn a lot about yourself. Overall, it was a great experience.