Introducing: #BrideWellSeries !

We're so thrilled to release this amazing video series we co-produced with our friends at One Heart Films! We developed this series in the hopes of providing a resource for ways you can boost your wellness and build self-confidence in the process. You know what they say, "Feel good, look good" 😉 Or something like that!

We're so proud of how gorgeous these videos turned out - though not surprised - we worked with the best in the biz! 

Huge love to the incredible team that brought this series to life: Christian Peterson and his crew at One Heart Films, Dawna Boot Makeup, and Hair by Ladylyn

Enjoy, #barrestarres ! 

XO Team Barreworks

posture with joanna / ep. 1

community with phoebe / ep. 2

skincare with dawna / ep. 3

hair care with ladylyn / ep. 4

style with hattie / ep. 5

self-care with miranda / ep. 6