Teacher Feature: Becky

Join us in welcoming our newest instructor, Becky! Her goal as an instructor is to ensure that everyone, whatever level they are at, feels capable of crushing their fitness goals when they step into her class. Her kind and positive personality will have you smiling all the way through the #barreburn. Keep reading to find our why we love this addition to the Barreworks family!


Top Faves Pop Quiz!

  1. Pre-workout food? Fruit smoothie! Usually with banana, some type of berry, peanut butter, karob powder, dates, and unsweetened almond milk.

  2. Aprés-workout food? Hummus and veggies.

  3. Dessert? Dairy-free ice cream.

  4. Workout gear? High-waisted leggings and a loose tank top.

  5. 3 favourite ways to sweat? Sunbathing by the ocean – kidding! Well, sort of. Figure skating, ice hockey, and barre, duh!

  6. Restaurant in Toronto? Harbour 60 – if I’m not paying the bill that is LOL it’s the only place I will eat meat. Mama Martino’s is another go-to in Etobicoke.

  7. Travel destination? Myrtle Beach is my home away from home, but my other favourite is Dubrovnik, Croatia.

  8. Fave way to relax? Netflix in a big bed covered in pillows or in a bubble bath with a glass of wine.

  9. Fave song on your current playlist? Tequila – Dan & Shay

  10. Netflix/TV show? Grey’s Anatomy and The 100

What made you decide you wanted to become a Barreworks Instructor? After I graduated from university, I had no idea what to do with my degree, (does anyone really know? Lol). I went to my first Barreworks Mixed Level class and LOVED it, so I decided to dive right in and sign up for the certification course 2 weeks later. I hadn’t been in a dance studio setting since high school but the Barreworks studio was so warm and welcoming that I just felt good there. The instructors all seemed so genuinely happy to be teaching, and who doesn’t want to surround themselves with that kind of energy?! After the certification course I had a greater understanding of what the Barreworks method is and I think my favourite part is that it was created for everyone regardless of whether they’re a trained professional in dance or Pilates, or just someone who wants to get their sweat on. This method is made for anyone who wants to move better through functional movement and I love that. 

What do you love most about teaching? Two things: 1. I love that I am constantly learning while I teach, and 2. I love the variety of clients and people I get to meet! Lately I’ve found that with teaching fitness the biggest challenge can sometimes be just finding new and different ways to motivate people to move and push through those final pulses! In the past I’ve taught mostly youth athletes who are very self-motivated to be active and rarely sit still throughout sessions - even when I want them to! So teaching an adult population has been an exciting change for me. Everyone has their own stories to share and reasons for coming to class and I really enjoy hearing them.

What keeps you motivated/feeling positive on days when your body feels tired and your energy is low? I always know that I will feel better after I work out but sometimes even that isn’t enough to drag my butt out of bed! Lately I’ve adjusted my method of motivation and instead I just tell myself “I don’t have to go full out today. Even if I just sweat a little bit, or I just try really hard during cardio. I am okay with taking it easy today because even a little bit of movement will be more than I’d have done if I chose to stay in bed”. Nine times out of ten I get to class and don’t rest until the hour is up. Sometimes I think that my brain only sees the big picture and when I’m not feeling energetic that picture can bring on pure dread when thinking about a long bout of exercise or something else that’s tedious/challenging. So, I make the task smaller and seem easier to conquer. Once I start it’s easy to get into it as energy builds.


How do you want your students to feel when they leave your classes? How do you help them achieve that? Empowered, educated, and happy! I hope to help my clients understand the importance of each exercise we do and how it can help them live longer, healthier lives. I hope they leave my classes sweating and smiling, as that’s the way I like to leave class. 

What would you say is your greatest strength as an instructor/how will this positively impact your students? I think my greatest strength as an instructor is actually my background in sports other than dance/Pilates/yoga. Sure, I danced competitively in my youth, but I’ve definitely lost a lot of it since then! I feel like I can relate more with my clients because of this. For those new to Barre I hope this makes them feel confident throughout my classes and empowered to try something outside of their own comfort zones! I hope this adds something different from the other instructors that might appeal to a range of clients.


What was your favourite moments of the Barre Certification program and why? 

I think the practice teaches/labs were both my favourite and least favourite elements of the Barre Certification training LOL! I say this because they totally pushed me out of my comfort zone right off the bat, but also helped build my skills and confidence right away as well. Talk about not wasting any time! The master trainers are amazingly helpful and supportive throughout the whole certification as well, which really enhanced my entire experience.

What would you say to people trying Barreworks for the first time?Listen to the cues to get you started safely and confidently, go easy on yourself for the first time, and have FUN, duh!

Instagram: @mmbecky

Photos by: Blythe Sheppard