Barre Certified: Stephanie's Testimonial


This radiant #BarreStarre was a participant in our June 2016 Barre Certified by Barreworks course!

See below to learn about her experience!

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Hope to see you there!
xo Team Barreworks

Stephanie M. is the founder of Studio 78, in Midland, Ontario. We were so touched by her kind words about the program, we wanted to share them with you!

Not only did the Mixed Level and bAAAre classes I attended rock my world, but the studio and the staff were phenomenal!!

I really enjoyed the in-studio training. As you know, I had attended a one day course at another barre studio which I was not satisfied with. After 3 days with Leni and Lina, I feel more energized about what I can bring back to [my] classes. I really wish I would have found this training first, as it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. With my CrossFit and weightlifting background , I loved the focus on the functional movement approach to the Barreworks method.

After my injury last summer, I had to accept that I may never lift heavy weights again – when you lose what you define yourself with, it can be very difficult emotionally. Barre and Yoga have been a lifesaver over the last 6 months!! The knowledge and experience that Lina and Leni were able to share with us was very valuable and inspiring. They were both very positive with feedback, and genuinely interested in our success. The practical way in which the course material was taught was perfect, applying the knowledge in the course and getting the feedback is a great way to learn.

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xo Team Barreworks