5 Foods to Help You #BarreSoHard

According to Lílo Superfood Company, feeling good starts with eating good. We couldn't agree more.

Hitting the barre this week? It is so important to fuel yourself with healthy food before your workout in order to provide your body with the energy it needs to carry you through class. It is also key that you have a healthy, protein-filled snack post class to help repair your muscles and rejuvenate yourself - and we've got just the thing.

We are thrilled to be bringing Lílo Superfood Company to Barreworks Queen St. this week! Lílo provides inspirational & healthy bowls for both your body and mind - plus how delish do they look?! Experience Lílo first-hand & grab a sample after your sweat sesh:

Tuesday, March 20th from 5:45pm - 8:45pm
Saturday, March 24th from 9:15am - 2:15pm

To help get through your week, we've compiled a list of our top 5 pre & post-workout foods to keep you going...keep reading to learn more! 

Pre-Barre Foods

1. Plain Greek Yogurt + Banana

Combining ¾ cup of plain greek yogurt + ½ banana is the perfect pre-barre snack. Lactose-intolerant? Use soy or coconut yogurt!
Enjoy the yummy benefits of protein + complex carbohydrates – the ideal combination before your workout. Bananas are mother nature’s power bar; they are loaded with simple carbs for fuel and potassium, and are the perfect way to boost your glycogen stores and increase blood sugar levels to pump up your energy level before a barre workout. This snack is perfect for the on-the-run BarreStarre!

2. 1 Cup of Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are one of the most beneficial legumes, containing 12.5g of dietary fiber, 14.5g of protein & 17% of your daily recommended zinc per 1 cup, cooked. Not only are they a delicious addition to salads and rice-based foods, but they’re also super tasty on their own! This powerful legume helps control blood sugar levels, increases satiety (hand-in-hand with weight-loss), and their zinc helps to facilitate enzymatic reactions in the body such as healing wounds.

3. Raw Veggies + Hummus Dip

Another simple-to-make pre-barre snack, packed with nutritious benefits. We recommend Sunflower Kitchen hummus, a family-owned business that uses quality ingredients to create unique & bold options for you to mix & match. The additional crunch of raw veggies can help replace other crunchy-cravings (such as chips) while fueling your body with proteins & minerals.

Pre-Barre Foods

4. Lilo Acai + Blueberry Bowl

This superfood bowl contains 15g of protein and most importantly, collagen, which is the most abundant protein in our bodies and loved for its hair, nail & digestive benefits as well as its joint, ligament and tendon strengthening purposes.

The Lilo acai bowls are a great post-barre workout snack to help rejuvenate us. It's light and oh-so delicious! Plus, you can add whatever toppings you please from chia seeds and fruit to nuts! What’s not to love?

5. All Star Mini Bowl from Fresh

Grab & go with a power bowl of kale, quinoa, marinated adzuki beans, goji berries, heirloom grape tomatoes, cucumber, toasted nuts, sunflower sprouts, parsley, cilantro, grilled sweet potato, tofu steaks & dressing. Loaded with plant-based proteins, this is the perfect sweet & savoury combination to help expedite muscular recovery. Available at Fresh Restaurants (did you know that they are a BarrePerks partner?), enjoy 15% off on take-out orders by showing off your personal Barreworks keytag.