3 Reasons to Get Your Flow On in YogaStrength + beats

Experience the signature strength of Barreworks on your yoga mat with a musical twist in our NEW YogaStrength + beats. This class will have you flowing through your workout as you build the burn through endurance and power, with the beats of Drake, Kendrick and Rihanna to keep you motivated. Here are three reasons why we think you should grab your woes and hit the mat.


Step away from the chaos of the outside work as you step into this tranquil space, alighted with candles and greenery to help you centre your focus. This one-hour flow will have you deepening the connection of your mind, body and breath, as you move through sequences and asanas at an invigorating pace.

Bonus: Having trouble catching enough zzz's? Studies show that the practice of mindfulness, meditation and yoga in a candlelit room relaxes the nervous system, leading to overall deeper and more restful sleeps. 



Music inspires us to move. It has the power to both get our heart rate up and put us into a state of relaxation. We believe that practicing yoga accompanied by a carefully curated playlist can be an exhilarating experience with a variety of benefits including:

- Improved balance and concentration
- A more relaxed state
- A clearer mind
- An improved mood

Come with an open mind and allow the latest hip hop and r&b beats to keep you motivated as you flow through your class.



Fun & explosive meets calm and precise in this one hour class. You'll get your heart rate up as you flow through controlled movements, balance sequences and asanas that will engaging your body from head to toe. Come prepared to sweat, strengthen, connect with your breath and restore your mind and body in this one-hour flow.

Please note that our yoga classes are designed for all-levels & the safety of our students is of upmost importance. As the candles flicker, you'll notice our experienced instructors moving throughout the room, providing guidance and gently adjusting postures, to help you stay safe, focused, aligned and in-tune with your body. 

Weekly Class Schedule

QUEEN ST.                                             YONGE ST.
Tuesdays @ 6pm w/ Ayesha                 Sundays @ 12pm w/ Samantha
Thursdays @ 6pm w/ Samantha

Head to barreworks.ca to see our full schedule & sign up for class!