Teacher Feature: Anne-Marie C.

We're stoked to welcome Anne-Marie to our roster of Spin Instructors! She's certified by Schwinn and has a killer playlist of 90's hip hop and top 40. She teaches Sunday morning SPIN60 classes at 10am.
See below to learn more about this gorgeous #spinstarre and sign-up for class today!

Photography by: Bo Lam

Photography by: Bo Lam

Top Favourites Pop Quiz!

  1. Pre-workout food? A banana
  2. Apres-workout food? In the morning, coffee is a must. In the afternoons, an apple and a salad - I usually eat Raw until 4pm
  3. Workout gear? Show me colour! lululemon, Nike, and Underarmour are my go-to's!
  4. Toronto hangout? 416 Snack Bar, The Drake, Gusto, Bar Buca
  5. Ice cream joint? Soma
  6. Song on your current playlist? Anything by Jay-Z, Azealia Banks, or DeJ Loaf
  7. Way to relax? I cook!
  8. 90's Boy Band? N'Sync

Instagram: @lunchwithlouis

  1. Many people find spin class (& cardio!) intimidating. What was your first spin experience like & what would you tell clients who are hesitant about trying spin for the first time? 

    AM: My first spin class I sat in the third row, in the corner, just trying to hide. First song: this is fun. Second song: feeling the burn. Third song: What? Is this still the warm up? By the end I was totally 100% addicted. I slowly moved from the back corner and met regulars that have since become friends. That spin instructor also ended up becoming a good friend of mine, to this day!
  2. What do you love about teaching & why?

    AM: I love a challenge and I like challenging others. I ride on the bike with everyone, and I will never ask you to do something I would not do myself!
  3. How do you stay motivated on days your body feels tired or your energy is low? What is it that always gives you that positive kick to make it to class?

    AM: Drink coffee. Have your outfit ready, the night before. Make a workout date with a friend, or make a friend in class! And, get your Jimmy's coffee after class!
  4. How do you want your clients to feel when they leave your class?

    AM: You will sweat. You will feel stronger. You will feel accomplished.
  5. What would you say is your greatest strength as an instructor & how will that positively impact your clients?

    AM: You will get to know me as a person. You will hear about my weekend, my family, and I will encourage everyone to do the same. I will laugh, and I am always open to feedback. So, please... talk to me!