Braids that go from Barre to Bar!

As we work to complete our Back2Barre Challenge over the next few weeks, we have a feeling there could be nights where you’re running from the barre to the bar! 😉

Check out these three gorgeous hairstyles created and styled by the talented Cabello by Carolina; captured by the wonderful, Toronto-based photographer Pam Lau.

Cabello by Carolina
  1. The Paulina Pony
    – Gather hair into a slick, medium-high ponytail & secure with elastic
    – Split ponytail into two, even sections
    – Separate a small section of hair from the outside edge of one section, and cross it over to the opposite side. It should overlap just like with a regular braid!)
    – Making sure to keep the tension steady, repeat with a small section from the other side
    – Continue pulling small sections and weaving until you get to the end of the ponytail – do your best to keep them even, about a half-inch per small section
    – Secure the ends with another elastic and ta-da! Rock that #PaulinaPony as you pulse it out in class, and then take off to enjoy the rest of your evening!
  2. The Callie Twist
    – Boxer Braids are everywhere right now, put a little twist on things by bringing the ends together at the bottom.
    – Divide your hair in two with a centre part and tie one side up so it’s out of the way.
    – Braid each side with an outside french braid – making sure you weave the hair underinstead of over – this is what makes the classic cornrow look, where the braid stands out!
    – Complete your outside french braids on each side, then tie the two ends together with a single elastic. Thanks to this #CallieTwist, you won’t have to worry about getting hit by the end of a braid during a tough cardio sequence!
  3. The Blythe Braid
    – Start by making a side part (farther out than you normally would) on whichever side of your head you prefer.
    – Using the same outside french braid as described above, begin your braid as close to the part at possible, using approximate 1-inch sections.
    – Continue the braid all around your head to complete a circle – note that you will need to adjust the positioning of your hands as you go
    – When you finally reach the other side of the original part, keep braiding the remaining hair to finish it off – you should have a bit of a tail
    – Use bobby pins to tuck the tail in, so that you complete the full circle.
    – Congratulations, Your Majesty! You’ve been crowned an official #BarreQueen!

A little bit about Aylin, owner of Cabello by Carolina:
Aylin Carolina Abraham is an accomplished, creative, and versatile hairstylist. Now owning and operating Cabello by Carolina, Aylin serves a growing Toronto-based clientele. Aylin’s philosophy is clear – facilitate memorable occasions through beautiful hairstyles. Through the belief that a client’s hairstyle should never be a stress, Aylin often caters to client’s hair in the comfort of their home and/or event space. Aylin is able to create beautiful styles with any hair length. Aylin currently resides in the Bloor-West Village area with her husband, Zoro.
Instagram: @cabellobycarolina

A little bit about Pam Lau:
Pam Lau is an independent commercial lifestyle photographer and videographer based in downtown Toronto working with brands, agencies and entrepreneurs. At age 14, she picked up her first camera: her dad’s old Nikomat. Whether shooting digital or film, stills or video, she likes capturing honest, simple moments. She recently released her first photo book, bbbluewhich is available for purchase on Inside Voice.
Contact her via email for questions, rates and proposals.
Insta: @pamelaloud